Chapter 1: Welcome Workout

[A whole array of 10 different students are all lined up, chatting excitedly among each other.]

Lili: Aha! This will be much fun!

Paul: I'm gonna be the #1 tennis player!

Kazuya: You fools have no chance...

Xiaoyu: Let's just have a good game, yeah?!

[One of the students stands in the line on her own, looking down and deep in thought.]

Asuka: I've been waiting for this moment! I'm so excited! I can prove to them all i'm with the best!

[At that point, the coach addresses them.]

Coach: Alright, new students! It's a sunshine morning, perfect time for the Welcome Workout!

Jin: ...Welcome Workout?

Coach: Right! One-by-one that machine over there [points to a mechanical contraption on one side of the tennis court] will fire balls over to you! When you can deflect every single one, that's when you know you are ready to take on the greatest!

Asuka: This is my chance...

Coach: You there, the tall one! [points to Lili] You're up first! Go go go!

Lili: Ahh, I would be delighted!

Asuka: Heh, what a prissy girl...

Lili: Let's go!

[Lili then advances to the tennis court, opposite side of the machine.]

Lili: Bring it on!

[The contraption sends a tennis ball flying straight out of it's pipe, to which Lili deflects easily. Several more pop out of the machine only to be sent back by Lili's racket.]

Lili: It seems I have gotten quite the hang of this.

[The machine sends a few more, each within a split-second of each other that travel in different directions. Lili hits one, but struggles to sprint fast enough for the other two.]

Lili: Gah!

Coach: Disappointing! Back in line!

[Lili pouts as she is sent to the back of the line.]

Asuka: Surely I can complete this...

Coach: Next!

[The coach points to a Chinese kenpo master, mysterious in his ways. The man known as Feng Wei steps to the court.]

Feng: Hmph.

[The workout starts, and Feng is easily able to deflect every ball that pops out of the machine. A slight rumble trembles the area as he swings his racket.]

Asuka: Something about this guy seems familiar...

[Feng then takes his place to the side, the side belonging to the successful clearers.]

Coach: Wow...excellent work! I feel sorry for whoever next has to top that! And that would be...Miss Asuka Kazama!

Asuka: [gasps] My turn?! Ok ok ok...

[Asuka approaches the court with a mix of nervousness and excitement.]

Asuka: I'm ready!

[The coach gives the signal as the machine begins to spit forth a ball towards Asuka, which she hits finely with her racket.]

Asuka: Sweet!

[Suddenly after that, the machine begins to pump out balls all in different directions, while Asuka runs back and forth, struggling to hit any of the balls. All the students start laughing at her.]

Asuka: What the hell?! Why is this happening to me?!

Coach: Seems that man before cleared it so easy, I figured i'd make em' go much faster! GO GO GO, MOVE IT!

[Asuka sprints back and forth in despair, aimlessly swinging her racket and failing to hit anything as the balls shoot out faster and faster, the laughs grow louder and she is hopelessly tired. Eventually, she becomes increasingly maddened at the students' jeering.]

Lili: At least hit more than one...

[Fed up, Asuka turns her head to Lili and the other students.]

Asuka: Hey! Quit it!

[The students all stop, but then start to wince.]

Julia: Look out!

Asuka: What...?

[Asuka then turns her head back, only to see a breakneck-speed ball rapidly getting bigger towards her face.]


Chapter 2: Settling In and Settling Out

[Xiaoyu waves her hand over Asuka's face as Julia lifts Asuka's arm up and shakes it a little.]

Julia: Yup, she's out cold.

Xiaoyu: Dayummm! Wakey-wakey woman!

[Xiaoyu gives Asuka a few rapid slaps, to no avail as the other students look on in amusement. The coach comes running in.]

Coach: Aight aight, clear out! Can someone take this chick to the academy lodge?

[The students draw straws, to which Jin is unlucky.]

Jin: [Sigh] I guess I will...

[Jin then lifts up the unconscious Asuka and slings her over his shoulder, walking away from the court.]

Coach: Now you think this gives you an excuse to stop training?! Let's go let's go! You're next, Mr. Sumo!

Ganryu: Wha-wha-wha...I don't wanna get knocked out like her!

Coach: Relax, kid! I've turned down the machine's speed! There should be no more incidents! Let's do this!

Ganryu: Okay, I guess...

[One by one the students take on and complete the Welcome Workout.]

Kazuya: Pathetic...

Law: Wahoo!

Lili: Ehehe, feels so good to finally complete that darn thing!

Xiaoyu: Now let's head over to the restaurant to celebrate!

[The students all cheer and are about to leave, when the coach addresses them.]

Coach: HALT!

[The students immediately stop dead in their tracks.]

Coach: There is still one thing we haven't addressed yet, the teams!

Kazuya: What?!

Lili: Ahh, so this is doubles is it?

Coach: That's right! And since most of you did good work out there, you get to choose your own teams! Pick wisely, from how people performed in the challenges you should have some indication of who you want to partner with! Godspeed!]

Lili: Alright, so who wants to team with me?

[The students all chatter among themselves, and walk of in groups of two. This eventually leaves Lili as the last one there.]

Lili: Wait, what?! Come back! I only failed it 10 times...! Oh shoot...everyone's left.

[Lili goes running to the Coach.]

Lili: There's no one else left! What do I do?

Coach: Well actually, you happen to be wrong, Miss Rochefort! There is one student that has not been picked!

Lili: You don't mean...?

Coach: Asuka Kazama!

Lili: Ahh-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah-nah...noooo...are you serious?!

Coach: It's the only thing we can do! How unfortunate for you...

Lili: Bu-but...

Coach: Final orders! Now, begone!

[Lili leaves the court, deflated. She then goes to socialise with the other students at the restaurant. At one point, she and Julia are conversing about their partners while eating dinner.]

Lili: I just so happened to get stuck with the girl that got knocked out.

Julia: Tell me about it, I can barely understand a word my partner says...that sumo wrestler Ganryu.

Lili: Aww! Yeah there's something about that guy...

Julia: However, I still believe I could win with him. I have faith in him, he is my partner after all.

Lili: Ahh...I see...

[Lili and Julia part ways as Lili ponders to herself.]

Lili: What Julia said is right...I should trust my teammate! We're gonna smash everyone and become the greatest, Asuka is partnered with ME after all...!

[With renewed vigor, Lili goes into the lodge and knocks on Asuka's door.]

Chapter 3: Wake Up!

Lili: Asukaaaaaa!'d better be awake, 'cuz i'm comin' in!

[Lili then opens the door and walks in to see the place a mess, with clothes strewn about the floor and Asuka sprawled out on top of her bed.]

Lili: Still out like a light, hmm? She in a coma or somethin'?

[Lili snaps her fingers at Asuka's head.]

Lili: The Welcome Workout really conked her out cold.

[Lili looks around the room in disgust.]

Lili: Look at this mess! Did Jin just change you out of your tennis gear and toss you into bed? If he thinks i'm cleaning up for you…

[Lili then notices a dirty sock on the floor and her face lights up.]

Lili: This should do the trick!

[Lili then grabs the dirty sock in disgust with her fingers, and holds it up to Asuka's nose. Slowly but surely, Asuka starts sniffing the air, and her eyes crack open as she lets out a groan and places her hand on her head.]

Lili: You're finally up! It's about time, seriously!

Asuka: Who….who's that?

[Asuka's vision begins to clear as she regains consciousness.]

Asuka: You? You are….the coach's daughter?

Lili: What?! Ohh man, you're really out of it...I'm your PARTNER!

Asuka: Ohhh really? Jeez….what the heck happened? My head hurts so bad…

Lili: You got beaned hard by a tennis ball at the Welcome Workout. It was pretty humiliating…

[Asuka grimaces as she puts her hands to her head.]

Asuka: That was my chance to prove myself! Now everyone will think i'm a joke...

Lili: Do you know where you are?

[Asuka peers around her surroundings quizzically and shrugs.]

Lili: This is the academy lodge. You know, the place you joined to become a tennis great.

Asuka: Oh….right.

Lili: That was quite a scene you made! Getting knocked out cold in the middle of your training.

Asuka: Ughhh….don't remind me.

Lili: As much as how embarrassing having you as my partner is, I was worried we'd be burying you out behind the courts.

Asuka: Gee….thanks….

Lili: Anyways, you hungry?

Asuka: Not really? I have such a headache…

Lili: Yes you are. You just don't know it cuz' you've been unconscious for so long.

[Asuka then has a face of realization as her stomach rumbles.]

Asuka: You're right!

Lili: Of course! I'd be starving, personally, if I was conked out all this time.

Asuka: long was I out anyway?

Lili: Well! Come on, change out of that jumpsuit n' tank top and into your tennis gear, and you'll find out!

Asuka: Hmmph…

Chapter 4: Fresh Places, Fresh Faces

[Donning their tennis gear, Asuka and Lili leave the room and head outside, to see a dark night sky.]

Asuka: Da heck?! Night?

Lili: Told ya you've been out for a while…

Asuka: Jeez…I must have missed a lot…

Lili: Don't fret about it.

[Asuka and Lili make their way inside a hall and stroll along forward. Along the way while taking to Lili, Asuka accidentally bumps into Jin, who was walking the opposite direction.]

Asuka: Oh my gosh, i'm so sorry!

Jin: Mannn, you are clumsy [chuckles]. How's your head?

Asuka: Fine, I guess…

Jin: Really? You were knocked out for a long time.

Asuka: I've been getting that a lot…

[Jin and Asuka both share a chuckle.]

Asuka: I'm just making my way to the restaurant.

Jin: Your head ain't fine, the restaurant is all the way back there!

[Jin points to a door in the far-away sight of Asuka and Lili that is labeled 'restaurant'.]

Asuka: What?! But...but Lili said-

[Lili then places her hand on her own mouth and giggles.]

Lili: I was just messing with you Asuka, how'd you miss such a big sign?!

Asuka: GRR….

Jin: Haha, well i'll leave you two to it. Goodbye.

[Jin then walks away with a smile. Asuka angrily makes her way to the restaurant with Lili.]

Asuka: Why'd you have to embarrass me like that?!

Lili: Why does it matter so much?

[Lili then leans to Asuka with a sly smile and winks.]

Lili: You crushin' on im'?

[Asuka's face turns bright red.]

Asuka: N…NO! I barely know the guy…

Lili: He just so happened to be the one that carried you to your room. Granted, we did force him to, but still…

Asuka: He did?! Still ain't crushin' on im' though…

Lili: Eh, suppose that's for the better. There's another girl here I think may have her eye on him.

Asuka: How do you know that?

Lili: We all had a big party and socialized while you were unconscious. His partner, Ling Xiaoyu I believe...They've been friends for a loooong time, but I can sense something in Xiaoyu's eyes…

Asuka: A party?! This Xiaoyu girl? Alright, no more talking about my loss of consciousness from this point! I wanna forget it!

Lili: Okey-dokey.

[They both reach the entrance of the restaurant.]

Asuka: Here we are.

Lili: Yup! I don't blame ya for walking past it, what with the being knocked out and everything [grins].

[Asuka rolls her eyes and they walk into the restaurant, only to find it empty and all the food gone.]

Asuka: So where is all the food?!

Lili: Whoops, I guess everyone's eaten the last of it. After all, the amount of time you were out cold…[grins].

Asuka: I'm one quip away from knocking YOU out, girl.

Lili: Ok ok ok, I can sense some madness...I'll stop now.

Asuka: Thank you.

Lili: There's one more place I can show you, and that's the main lounge where most of the other students would be hanging.

Asuka: Okay, sounds cool. I didn't really get to meet anyone properly.

Chapter 5: Main Lounge

[Lili and Asuka make their way over to the main lounge, where they see all 10 students in different groups chatting among one another. When Lili and Asuka walk in, the whole place erupts in gasps and shocked expressions.]

Julia: She's awake!

Asuka: Uhh...hey.

Kazuya: Weakling.

Asuka: Uhh, hey!

Paul: I actually agree with that guy for once, you got laid out by a freakin' machine!

Lili: Heheh...

Law: Wahaha!

Feng: You have disgraced me with your presence, girl.

Lili: Hey hey, that's a bit unfair...

Ganryu: She was the only one not to complete the Welcome Workout!

Xiaoyu: Boo to Asuka!

Lili: Who cares about that? It doesn't matter.

[Most of the students, minus Julia, Jin, Feng and Lili wail in laughter at Asuka.]

Lili: Come on people, grow up.

[The laughter grows louder and louder and Asuka is about to reach her boiling point, but someone else reaches theirs first.]

Lili: [Advances to the middle] ALL OF YOU, SHUT THE HELL UP!

[Everyone's eyes light up in shock, including Asuka's. The room is now dead silent, save for Lili's heavy panting.]

Lili: Umm…

[The room remains silent for a few moments. The silence breaks when another person runs into the lounge, the coach.]

Coach: Aye! It seems we are all present now! There is one last piece of info I shall reveal! ...Dang, why's the atmosphere feel dead in here?

[No one answers his question, silence filling the room again.]

Coach: Ah well. Now it is time to reveal, the match-ups!

Xiaoyu: …..Ooo, yay!

Coach: Here's how this championship will work! Each team has been ranked according to their performance in the Welcome Workout.

Asuka: Uh-oh…

Coach: And the first match will be between the 5th and 4th ranked teams. The winner of that will move on to fight the 3rd ranked team, and so forth, until only one team is crowned champion!

Ganryu: Huh?! But that means the highest-ranked team barely has to do any work!

Coach: Fool! That's why I told you to not mess around in your training!

Kazuya: So, get on with the results.

Coach: Damnn, someone's pushy. Aight aight, in 5th nobody's surprise, is Emilie Rochefort and Asuka Kazama!

[Everyone minus Asuka and Lili nods in agreement.]

Coach: And their opponents, in 4th place…...are…...Julia Chang and Ganryu!

Ganryu: Only 4th!?

Julia: It's alright. We can do it!

Coach: This is our first match of the championship! It will happen first thing tomorrow morning, so be sure to sleep well and eat heartily!

[The Coach begins to leave, but is interrupted by Xiaoyu.]

Xiaoyu: Oye oye oye! What about the rest of the positions?!

Coach: Eh, I reckon i'd just make it all suspenseful for the rest of you!

Kazuya: Heh, already know i'm 1st.

Coach: There are spectator stands, however it is not mandatory to watch a match you're not taking part in! Feel free to use whatever free time you have to practice! Alright, Godspeed!

[The coach takes his leave as the excitement in the atmosphere builds up again.]

Paul: We're gonna be #1! Booyah!

Law: Awoo!

Jin: Now, I will get some rest.

Xiaoyu: Lemme come with ya!

[One by one, the students start leaving the lounge until only Asuka, Lili, Julia and Ganryu remain.]

Lili: I'm sorry about my uhh...outburst….before….

Julia: Don't worry about it. We will truly see your skill in our match. If it surpasses ours, you rightfully deserve to move on.

Lili: Thanks, you're a good friend.

Ganryu: Although, it seems mighty hard that you would best one of the highest ranked members in the ATP!

Julia: He's kidding.

Lili: [giggles].

Julia: Good luck out there, you two.

Asuka: Likewise!

Ganryu: It will certainly be a interesting battle.

Lili: Yeah!

[Julia and Ganryu leave in good spirits.]

Asuka: So….what was that?

Lili: What? They are nice people.

Asuka: Not that….your sudden rage before!

Lili: Oh...uh….nothin'...

[Asuka then pats Lili's shoulder.]

Asuka: Thanks for having my back.

Lili: Pssshhhh….their voices just...annoyed me….

Asuka: [smiles.]

Lili: Anyways, i'mma head off to sleep now. You should get some rest too.

Asuka: Will do.

Lili: We got a big day ahead of us!

Asuka: Since we gonna win every match!

Lili: Aww yes!

[Lili parts ways as only one thought ponders inside Asuka's mind.]

Asuka: I need to train!